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Safety is the only way to ensure safety (Part 2)

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The second core of "safety" is to realize the participation of all staff. Everyone must participate in the safety work to form a good situation of joint management. The top priority of safety is to do a good job of Ideological and political work for one person and one thing, and to understand the importance, urgency and necessity of safety work for the survival of enterprises from a high ideological level. However, the work of one person and one thing is to do mass work. Everyone is not only the object of work, but also the main body of the work. Only everyone participates in the work. All the staff start and work hard. Everyone forms a rope and forms a force to make the safety work consciously become an action, a criterion, a consciousness and a culture. The "all" will naturally appear. Many people regard safety work as a matter of leadership or group leaders, which has nothing to do with the post personnel and has no contact with the masses, which is the most fatal. To create a safe atmosphere of "everyone is the master, all the staff are on the battle, and everyone is responsible" everywhere in the enterprise, we can observe the danger with more eyes, remind with many mouths, and take chances with multiple forces. In this way, the foundation of safety work is not only solid and solid, but also deeply rooted in the masses.

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