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Rack Luffing Crane

  • Rack Luffing  Crane
  • Rack Luffing  Crane
  • Rack Luffing  Crane
  • Rack Luffing  Crane
  1. Rack Luffing  Crane
  2. Rack Luffing  Crane
  3. Rack Luffing  Crane
  4. Rack Luffing  Crane


This type of crane is suitable used in port terminals, warehouses, stacks or factory areas for container, grocery or bulk loading and unloading operations. The crane can be designed by double lever jib or single arm jib with rack luffing and complex pulley compensation to do loaded variation and horizontal displacement with high working efficiency. This crane can use hook or grab with AC variable frequency speed, PLC control, and can be installed intelligent "state monitoring control system".

This type of crane is designed and manufactured according to "GB3811-83 crane Design Standard" and "GB6067-85 crane Safety regulation" and can be customized according to customers’ needs.


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