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Deck Crane

  • Deck Crane
  • Deck Crane
  • Deck Crane
  • Deck Crane
  • Deck Crane
  • Deck Crane
  1. Deck Crane
  2. Deck Crane
  3. Deck Crane
  4. Deck Crane
  5. Deck Crane
  6. Deck Crane


The deck crane is mainly mounted on the deck of ship to load and unload a variety of cargo. It applies proven technology to realize quick and accurate cargo handling and help customers to achieve effective marine shipping. Brake system adopts mechanical and hydraulic blocks with simple and intuitive mechanical linkage control system, which makes the product stable, reliable, safe, easy operation and maintenance. The jib of deck crane has three types include straight, telescopic and folding etc., with manual, electric, hydraulic as power control.

The deck crane is designed and manufactured according to “Specification for lifting equipment of ships and offshore installations”, and can be customized according to customers’ needs.

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